What is it?

There have never been so many ways for so many people to say so much about your company, your products and your competition. Socialscape tracks and analyzes all of that talk and turns it into actionable information that can improve your brand, your business, your customer relationships.

Why use it?

Find out who’s talking, what they’re saying and where they’re saying it. Then join the conversation. Reward loyal customers and inspire them to spread the word, gather insights to identify new opportunities and quickly address customer concerns. When you understand your customers, it’s easy to speak their language.

  • Brand Monitor
    Customers have more influence on your brand then ever before. If you’re not listening, you’re not part of the conversation. Brand monitor gives you real-time insights into the health of your brand.

  • Product Monitor
    Socialscape lets you focus on individual products to track their social media presence with weekly and quarterly updates. Real-time alerts let you keep a close eye on specific trends or issues.

  • Issue Management
    Stay ahead of customer care issues while improving your customer experience. Socialscape’s automated issue response system allows you to find and resolve issues faster.

  • Competitive Analysis
    Everything you track about your brand, you can track about your competition. Use Socialscape to learn their strengths, take advantage of weaknesses and capture opportunities.